Winter storm hits Colorado days before Thanksgiving


Our next winter storm will bring over a foot of snow to parts of Colorado (no, not just the mountains) just days before Thanksgiving! N Colorado will be hit the hardest but this means big impacts for people in S Colorado hoping to fly out of DIA.

The Denver Metro could see up to 1′ of snow through Tuesday with impacts to flights expected, especially in the morning.

Snow will only pick up in intensity N of the Palmer Divide as we move through the night.

In S Colorado, snow will begin to pick up after 8 PM with only light snow and little impact expected before that. The one exception will be right along the Palmer Divide where some light accumulation could begin prior to this window.

Overnight snow will pick up in intensity across the Pikes Peak Region and spread SE in coverage by 8 AM to reach through the S I-25 Corridor and into the Plains. The heaviest snow and highest totals will stay in the Pikes Peak Region locally with very light amounts expected to the SE of El Paso County.

With the heavy snow expected over N El Paso County, Teller County and into Denver it is not advised to commute into or through these areas Tuesday morning. For Colorado Springs you can expect slick roads on the SE side of town and deeper snow on the roads to the NW. Plan for conditions in your neighborhood, it will be a slow commute if you have to make it. Snow will break up and push SE with a general clearing trend through the afternoon and evening. Roads will remain slick into the night with highs Tuesday only breaking into the 20s and 30s for most.

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