(COLORADO SPRINGS) — As we get closer to Mother’s Day, the big question along the Front Range is always is it safe to plant now and do we have one more snowstorm?

In true Colorado fashion, our weather in the spring is always changing. Yes, we can’t rule out one or two more snowstorms, but most of us are usually in the clear after Mother’s Day.

But when do we typically get our final freeze around Colorado Springs and Pueblo?

In Colorado Springs, our average last freeze is May 8th and in Pueblo, it is April 29.

In 2022, Colorado Springs’s last freeze was after Mother’s Day on May 21st. The Colorado Springs airport received 4.6” of snow.

In Pueblo, 2022 brought a last freeze on May 3 when temperatures dipped to 33 degrees at the Pueblo airport, and they received 2.8” of snow.

Although our last freeze usually lands on an April or May date, it is not out of the question to get our last freeze in June.

Colorado Springs’s latest freeze ever recorded was back on June 18th, 1912. The city received only a trace of snow, but the low dipped to 32 degrees. Pueblo’s latest freeze was June 2nd, 1919, with a low of 32 degrees.

Make sure to stay with the FOX21 Storm Team throughout the month to see if this pattern changes.

Our 10-day weather outlook keeps the Front Range and eastern plains clear of any freezing temperatures or snowstorms.