COLORADO SPRINGS — Flooded roadways and standing water have been reported across southern Colorado on Tuesday, causing major backups and dangerous conditions for drivers in El Paso and Pueblo counties.

Near Fargo’s Pizza on Platte Avenue, a car became trapped in flood waters, with emergency crews responding to assist the occupants out of the water.

There was also heavy law enforcement presence on Powers Boulevard, where flash flooding caused dangerous conditions, leading to this accident involving two cars disabled over the center median:

Meteorologist Robert Hahn said heavy rains have been reported across El Paso County as well as Pueblo and Pueblo West. Just after 8 p.m., weather spotters reported water still covering many roads in Pueblo West, some up to a foot deep.

There are also reports of stranded and submerged cars, with roads closed due to high water on the northwest side of Pueblo near Platteville Boulevard. Between 3 – 4 inches of rain have fallen so far in the area.

Drivers are reminded never to drive through flood waters, and use extreme caution when navigating flooded roadways. A flash flood warning remains in effect for Colorado Springs and Manitou Springs until 9:15 p.m.