(SOUTHERN COLORADO) — Timberline Landscaping has once again released its interactive Christmas Lights Guide, showcasing places around Southern Colorado with some of the best light displays.

The company’s annual Christmas Lights Guide is a fun combination of displays that Timberline has set up for clients and also includes displays that the company has learned about.

The best part about the guide is that it is built in Google maps so when you’re in the car with your family or friends cruising around you can use it to navigate you to the next stop. I’ve used it myself and it’s now an annual tradition for my family.

Would you like your home or business on this Christmas lights guide? Do you know of any other great displays around Colorado Springs or Pueblo that aren’t listed? Timberline Landscaping will be taking submissions until Dec. 15, 2022.

Timberline has also included close-by spots for coffee and hot chocolate if families want to spruce up their evening trip around town.