It’s been a minute: an actual snowstorm early next week

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A few weak waves in the atmosphere have moved over Colorado this week. They have all produced light snow at the ski resorts and occasionally at lower elevations. The south side of Denver had a burst of snow late Wednesday evening, with some large flakes making for a pretty scene.

One more of these waves moves overhead late Thursday and, like the last few, may put down light snow accumulations into the evening with some of the heavier bursts.

Spotty, generally light accumulations are possible with the last in a series of waves.

Over the weekend, a large ridge of high pressure will build over the western United States. This will bring dry and warm conditions to southern Colorado. Highs will push 70 degrees in some areas on Sunday.

When the jetstream is north of your area, warm temperatures often result.

The ridge breaks down early next week as a storm carves out over the western United States. Several different computer simulations show a very similar path and evolution of the storm as it approaches. The storm matures to the west of Colorado and should be an efficient moisture producer as it moves across the state Monday night.

Two different computer model predictions of the storm center at 5 p.m. on Monday.

Now let’s focus on the meteorology and the limitations of the science, especially when the storm is five to six days out. We’re at the stage where we’ve moved on from pattern recognition to determining the storm is looking more likely. Details can still change, regarding the path, timing, intensity and other factors within the storm. But as we move through the we weekend, we expect to become more certain about impacts and clarity in the details.

The agreement in the computer models does give us a better-than-average confidence right now that the storm will bring the best widespread snow we’ve had in quite a while, so I wanted to give you an early heads up!

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