A 3D look at Tuesday’s twin tornadoes

TheWxMeister Wonders

Matt Meister, FOX21 Storm Team chief meteorologist, shares the formation of two tornadoes near Joes on Tuesday with a behind-the-curtain look using 3D radar.

Just prior to 2 p.m., radar showed the circulation of the first tornado descending toward the ground. A few minutes later, new radar information showed the tornado having touched down.

By 2:09, another thunderstorm crashing into the first storm produced another tornado, a little farther to the southeast from the first tornado. According to storm chasers and residents in the area, the two twisters were on the ground together for about 75 seconds.

Meteorologists analyze wind flow in and around storms using doppler radar. Doppler refers to the ability to measure wind direction along the radar beam. Red colors indicate wind moving away from the radar and green colors indicate wind moving toward the radar. “Couplets” of red next to green in the right part of the thunderstorm can indicate rotation.

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