(SOUTHERN COLORADO) — As the rain-snow line drops tonight that doesn’t mean that figuring out how much snow falls is going to be easy, it’s going to be anything but.

Check out the forecast temperature in downtown Colorado Springs into Wednesday. A couple hours earlier difference in dropping to around freezing will make a big difference in how much snow sticks to the grass and trees downtown.

Keep in mind many parts of Colorado Springs are higher than downtown, and elevation is very key in a spring storm like the one on our doorstep.

The heaviest precipitation does time out with the coldest temps, though as there is about a 15-hour window from 4 p.m. Tuesday through 9 a.m. Wednesday when the most significant moisture falls over the area.

The Wednesday morning commute will have snow-packed roads above 7,500′, slushy roads between 7,500′ and 6,500′, and mainly wet roads below that.

Visibility may be a challenge at times with the big, wet spring snowflakes.

Due to the challenges and uncertainties that remain, also the unknowns about how much of the falling snow melts before it starts sticking, how much melts from below once it does stick, and how much compacting happens, our snow ranges are pretty large.

The low end is the minimum we expect and the higher end tries to capture a slightly faster temperature drop tonight.

Regardless of who gets snow and how much we get…beneficial moisture is on the way!