(PIKES PEAK REGION) — Snow showers continue to increase over the Pikes Peak Region for the remainder of the morning, Thursday, Oct. 27, and will stick on the cooler surfaces like trees, grass, and possibly even the roads under heavier showers. The process started with the first showers in Woodland Park early Thursday.

Showers will continue through the early part of the afternoon Thursday, before decreasing during the back part of the day.

While computer models continue to show the potential for a rain/snow mix over the lower elevations over El Paso County, we’ll get mainly snow today. The lower you are though the lesser the chance of snow sticking.

Even in downtown, if a heavier shower moves overhead, we may briefly see the grass and trees turn white. If this happens, it would likely melt off through the afternoon on Thursday.

The higher terrain on the north end of town and in the foothills could see an inch or so if a heavier shower moves through. Palmer Divide could see up to two inches, and 1-3″ on the cooler surfaces is expected in Teller County.

Even if you don’t see any snow stick Thursday, you will certainly notice the wind and colder temperatures. The wind will be the strongest east of the Interstate through the day and will decrease Thursday night.