SOUTHERN COLORADO — The smoke and haze we’ve been seeing across southern Colorado in the past week or so may linger for a little longer. We’ll see it across the area through Tuesday before it dissipates a bit on Wednesday, thanks to some rain and a shift in the upper-level winds.

The smoke we’ve been seeing has been coming from fires in several western and northwestern states including; California, Oregon, Idaho and Montana. Depending on upper level winds, our smoke and haze will be a little thicker on some days and thinner on others.

Thankfully, much of this smoke has been staying in the mid and upper levels of the atmosphere, and that has made for some dazzling sunrises and sunsets. However, should we see some thicker smoke move into the area, some of this may settle towards the ground from time to time, something to keep in mind if you have any respiratory issues.

The FOX21 Storm Team will continue to update this article on the outlook for smoke across southern Colorado.