(COLORADO SPRINGS) — Thanks to an active week, Colorado Springs and Pueblo are in a good position as the state continues to struggle with drought.

Last week’s storms helped boost monthly precipitation in a big way, bumping Colorado Springs to 3.84” so far this month, and in Pueblo 0.89” — all thanks to one storm.

Comparing those totals to what we typically see for the entire month, it was a big impact.

Colorado Springs is now over an inch of its monthly average. Pueblo is behind, but not by much, now sitting at 0.68” below its monthly average, and there’s still plenty of time to make up the deficit.

Last week’s storm was not just a boost to moisture, but it was a record-setter too.

Looking at Colorado Springs’ record precipitation events, last week’s storm takes seventh place on the top 10 list.

Other record precipitation events include; Sept. 14, 2011, and Sept. 11, 2008, in which storms helped produce over 4” of moisture in one day.

On the list are also late snow events, like April 15, 1921, which brought 4.27” of moisture to the Colorado Springs Airport.

As of May 11, our drought monitor shows the entire Front Range in some category of drought.

The southeastern corner of the state continues to be the driest, ranging from dry to exceptional. But a record-setter like last week is sure to help and erase drought from some areas.

Our next drought monitor will be released Thursday, May 18. Stay with the FOX21 Storm Team to see what areas have improved.