Pollen Report

Pollen Report

Trees: Moderate (Pine, Juniper family/Cedar, Linden)

Grass: Moderate (All Types)

Weeds: Low (Chenopod/Amaranth, Ragweed, Composite)

Mold: Low (Cladosporium, Ascospores, Smut)

Pollen Forecast: Today through Friday will be much the same as it has been. Changes are expected for the weekend due to increased widespread rain chances that will clean the air. With that also comes the possibility of increased mold counts.

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Provided By: Asthma & Allergy Associates, P.C. and Research Center, Dr. Daniel Soteres, Dr. Luke Webb

Report produced at Asthma and Allergy Associates, P.C. and Research Center in Colorado Springs, CO by Rebecca Sherman, NAB Certified Pollen Counter.

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