Rain showers and thunderstorms will become fairly widespread through the day on Thursday, developing primarily over the mountains and first and shifting east through the afternoon and evening. With persistent upslope at the surface additional showers are likely to continue or redevelop over the foothills Thursday night into Friday morning.

With cooler temperatures on Friday, we don’t really expect thunderstorms but we do expect rain showers especially over and near the hills. If you get too far away from the mountains to the east, or Raton Mesa to the north, we’ll probably bee too cool and stable for much.

This is another chance for some widespread moisture over the area, and some of this is likely to be significant again. While computer models often, and understandably, vary because of thunderstorms and their cellular nature, the heaviest precipitation is likely to be west of I25 and south of highway 50 as you can see in the this image slider below.

While overall we think the threat for flooding is low, because of the heavy rain and snow from last week, we’ll keep an eye on low-lying spots and creeks just in case.