More improvement for Colorado drought


The latest Drought Monitor, released July 30, 2020, has shown continued improvement. Last week’s drought monitor showed a drop in our Extreme drought levels over S Colorado and, thanks to our monsoon moisture early this week, even more improvement was made in the latest update.

Below you can see the consecutive Drought Monitor updates from July 14 to July 28. Each consecutive update shows our levels of Extreme drought, currently the highest level of drought in Colorado, shrinking. In early July parts of the SE Plains were experiencing Exceptional Drought!

On July 14 36.91% of Colorado was classified as experiencing Extreme drought. As of July 28th’s updated only 26.64% is now suffering from Extreme drought levels. That’s a drop of 10.27%.

The recent monsoon moisture experienced Saturday the 25th through Tuesday the 28th played a big role in chipping away at our drought. Here’s a look at rain totals for that span of days at the recording stations for a few S Colorado cities. Keep in mind, many locations, even within a few miles of these sites, saw much more than this, but for consistency we’ll tally the numbers at the official recording sites:

Alamosa: .82:
Colorado Springs Airport: .38″
Pueblo: .61″
Lamar: .50″
Trinidad: 1.38″

Although we are improving, we still have a ways to go! 99.35% of the state is experiencing some form of drought ranging from “Abnormally Dry” to “Extreme.” Only a small portion of NE Colorado along the Wyoming, Nebraska, Colorado junction is classified as drought free.

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