COLORADO SPRINGS — A storm will carve out over the western United States late this week and will bring cold enough air that we’ve got snow in the forecast for parts of Colorado. Ahead of the storm on Thursday we expect a very windy, warm and dry extreme fire danger day. Highs will be in the 80s and 90s and wind gusts will likely exceed 40 mph for a widespread part of the viewing area.

By Friday a big dip in the jet stream will be heading east across the state. A cold-front at the surface will lead the upper-level system by 12 hours and we expect about a 40 degree drop from the highs on the Thursday. That puts highs in the 30s and 40s over the mountains, 40s in the Pikes Peak Region, 50s for a good chunk of the plains, and a few 60s in the southeast corner. It should be a bit of a shock.

The cooler air will pull gulf moisture toward the mountains and the upper level system brings moisture of its own. The combination will bring rain and snow to our area, moving in from the north during the morning and moving out of the area by sunrise on Saturday.

There is good agreement in computer models about rain and snow….there are differences in how much of both we get. Here’s the deal – we need it and we hope that the higher end works out. We’ll figure that out over the next couple days.

The characteristics of the snow will be the heavy, wet late springs stuff regardless of how much falls. It’s the kind that will stick to trees, grass, decks, etc….and maybe the roads over the mountains, especially as the sun sets on Friday. We might even see some snow on the grass and trees in parts of Colorado Springs! We’ll see….