(SOUTHERN COLORADO) — January 2023 has brought beneficial moisture and snow has stuck around in the forecast a bit longer than usual. Some areas are still well above average for this time of the season, and we’ve got more snowy and wet months ahead. But which ones bring the most moisture? 

In January, snowfall performed very well in Colorado Springs, but in Pueblo fell a bit short. So far this month, Colorado Springs has received over five inches of snow and Pueblo just over two inches. Comparing this to our average, Pueblo is below average for snowfall.

January on average usually brings a lot of snow for the season, especially around Pueblo. Where January falls in the number one spot for snowiest months on average, with February, December, and March falling right behind. 

In Colorado Springs, January falls in the top four of the snowiest months on average, yet March and April take the number one and number two spots. 

Once we get closer to spring, although we can get big snow totals, many of those totals come from one or two big storms. Not like we typically see in the winter with several storms providing an inch or less.

With bigger storms in ‘warmer’ months, anything that falls has more time to melt once it hits the ground. 

Luckily the moisture does not stop there. In the spring and summer, the Front Range does very well in precipitation. 

From April to August, Colorado Springs and Pueblo pick up at least an inch of moisture every month, with July and August performing the best on average with over 2-3’’ of moisture picked up in those months thanks to active storms.

Long story short, if your area has lacked moisture for January, don’t worry there is a lot more on the way. 

Other snow and precipitation averages across Southern Colorado (highest to lowest)

Buena VistaAugust – 1.57″
July – 1.51″
May – 1.17″
March – 8.2″
April – 8.1″
December 7.6″
Cañon CityJuly – 2.25″
August – 2.06″
April – 1.76″
January – 6.7″
December/February – 6.2″
March – 6.0″
FlorissantAugust – 3.03″
July – 2.86″
May – 1.59″
March – 11.7″
April – 9.4″
February – 7.7″
LamarJuly – 2.81″
August – 2.78″
June – 2.53″
January – 6.3″
December – 5.9″
February – 5.4″
SalidaAugust – 1.46″
July – 1.36″
April – 1.05″
April – 8.0″
March – 6.5″
December – 4.7″
WalsenburgApril – 2.26″
July – 2.24″
August – 2.15″
March – 17.4″
April – 15.1″
December – 13.4″