COLORADO SPRINGS- Our windy, dry weather continues into Easter weekend, although we do get a bit of mountain snowfall.

We’ll stay dry across Southern Colorado over the next several days, but our mountains will get some needed water relief.

Snow will develop for higher elevations Saturday evening from west-to-east. A good 3″+ could be possible for some portions of the Continental Divide. This moisture will help saturate the air a bit more around Colorado Springs, Pueblo and even into the eastern plains. Raising humidity and giving some a break in the Red Flag Warnings. But fire danger will still be elevated.

Red Flag Warnings have been issued from 12- 8 p.m. Saturday across the San Luis Valley, Sangre de Cristos, Wet Mountains and the southern I-25 corridor.

Red Flag Warnings issued 12-8 PM Saturday.

Although most of us do get a short break in the warnings, keep in mind we are still VERY dry across the area. Please make sure to still be cautious and fire aware this weekend.

Our Easter Sunday will bring warmer temperatures but also a boost to wind speeds. 15-25 MPH winds with gusts up to 45 MPH will be possible. Humidity levels will also drop out too.

Fire Weather Watches have been issued across the region as strong winds, low humidity and continued dry conditions will make it easy for a fire to start and spread.

Fire Weather Watch issued Sunday afternoon-evening.

Although windy, Sunday will be a nice day to celebrate any Easter festivities. Mostly sunny skies with highs in the 70s for most.

It’ll stay mainly sunny, dry and windy for the week ahead, with highs approaching 80 degrees on Tuesday in Colorado Springs and Pueblo.

Our windiest days of next week will be our warmest. But, fire danger will continue until we get more moisture. Which looks like it may take a while to get out of this dry, windy stretch in the next seven days.

In terms of our drought, most of Southern Colorado is still in the ‘moderate’ and ‘severe’ categories. This is not good news especially for how dry our upcoming week looks. Dry fuels (grasses, branches, etc.) only help a fire grow in size. So again please be careful.

But a little good news, statewide snowpack has gone up a little after our most recent storm, which isn’t too common for mid-April. Up to 93% of season-to-date average. This weekend could add to it a bit more improvement as well.

Colorado’s snowpack is at 93% as of April 16.

Lets hope for more moisture in the next few weeks!