(SPONSORED) — The FOX21 Storm Team Storm Squatch is partnering with Phil Long Ford in Motor City for Maverick Cares. Each quarter, a nonprofit organization that contributes to the community will be highlighted, and viewers are encouraged to donate.

The Special Forces Foundation supports U.S. Army special forces (Green Berets) and their families, doing everything they can to ensure a stable home life, transitioning out of the military, and keeping them involved in the community. The nonprofit also provides resiliency programs for the spouses and children of Green Berets.

“We’re just trying to figure out everything that we can do, whether that is getting these guys back in the fight, or helping them transition out of the military and getting them to a point where their life is better as a family,” said Paul Watson, Chief of Staff, Special Forces Foundation.

Through its website, the Special Forces Foundation offers multiple different sponsorship packages and holds multiple in-person events throughout the year, including three golf events across the country.

You can donate to the Special Forces Foundation on their website, linked above, or text SFF to 91999.