(SOUTHERN COLORADO) — February ended up being a warm, snowy and active month across southern Colorado. But how far did we stray from what we normally see during the month?  


February 2023 delivered above-average snowfall with big monthly totals for Colorado Springs and Pueblo. 

After falling short in January with only 2.3 inches of snow, Pueblo ended up over three inches above average in snowfall. With a February 2023 total of over eight inches. 

Typically in February, Pueblo only receives over four and half inches. So this was a big improvement. 

In Colorado Springs, we also ended up above average too, actually, well above it. 

Typically in February, the Springs receives over four inches of snow and this year, we ended the month off with over 12 inches of snow. That’s an over seven-inch bonus in moisture!

To compare months, January 2023 in Colorado Springs only brought just over five inches of snow which for the month was above normal. 


As for temperatures, Colorado Springs and Pueblo highs were mainly above average for the month. 

Typically, Colorado Springs’ average high is 49 degrees and in Pueblo, the average high in February is 54 degrees. 

The coolest temperatures we received fell during the middle of the week. Which is on par with our snowiest days of the week so far in 2023


As snowy as the month was, we still had several days with dry conditions across the Front Range and eastern plains. 

Throughout the month, three Red Flag Warnings were issued by NWS Pueblo across the area. Each of these days features strong wind gusts, low humidity, and warm temperatures. 


They are not usually brought up in February, but definitely a mention this year.  

While we did not get any thunderstorms around Colorado Springs or Pueblo this month, the eastern plains were an exception. Along with a new local record.  

NWS Pueblo

The last weekend of the month brought a few thunderstorms across the plains along with a Severe Thunderstorm Warning for Baca and Prowers counties. 

This warning will go into the record books, as Feb. 26 was the earliest a Severe Thunderstorm Warning was issued by the National Weather Service office in Pueblo. 

Stay with the FOX21 Storm Team as we keep you updated on what the month of March will bring.