Drought worsens across Colorado


The latest drought monitor update was released Thursday Aug. 13 showing no improvement from last Aug. 4, 2020’s update. The 4th’s update was significant as it showed the entire state covered by a dry or higher category on the drought monitor. 100% of the state had not been covered since August of 2013… now the situation worsens.

The entire state is still experiencing abnormally dry to extreme drought conditions. While some areas have seen reductions in drought levels, dropping from Extreme to Severe, 100% of the state is still covered by the drought monitor. The percent of those experiencing extreme drought dropped about 3%.

For many the situation has actually gotten worse! The abnormally dry category is the least severe category on the Drought Monitor. The area covered by this category has shrunk, with NW and much of N Colorado now seeing an increase in drought levels to Moderate. Now, nearly 94% of the state is experiencing moderate to extreme levels of drought.

This should not be a surprise to most after a very hot and dry week experienced by most of the state. However, it should be noted that this update does include the heavy rain experienced by many Wednesday August 5. Even this was not enough to bring improvements to the Pikes Peak Region who saw the most from this rain event. It’s not just rain that factors into the drought equation. The heat experienced this week and the overall dry weather took away from some of the good that the heavy rain did. Check out this article to learn more about how the drought monitor works and the rare situation we’re in now.

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