(COLORADO) — Can you be cited for not clearing off your windshield in Colorado? The answer is, yes, according to the Colorado State Patrol. The citation, according to Master Trooper Gary Cutler of CSP said, can cost drivers about $35 as it is considered a “view obstruction.”

As far as snow on top of cars, that is a different story, according to Cutler. While drivers are not usually cited for this, they should clear as much snow off of vehicles prior to driving, not only as a common courtesy to other drivers on the road but also for safety reasons.

Drivers should also clear snow from headlights, brake lights, license plates, along with windows.

Colorado’s Snow Removal Law

As far as outside the home, there are a few reminders during snowstorms to be aware of.

According to the Colorado Department of Transportation’s website, it is against the law for “property owners and renters, and private snow-removal operators to deposit snow on or next to a public highway.”

Many local laws also require homeowners to clear sidewalks within 24 hours for the safety of pedestrians. “Owners must place snow from their sidewalks onto their front yard or other areas of their own property, and not into the street,” writes CDOT.