(SOUTHERN COLORADO) — With monsoon season starting to pick up a bit, and late summer beginning to greet us, it’s worth looking into the Climate Prediction Center’s forecasts for the coming days. The CPC issues several different forecast products ranging from just a week out to three whole months out.

It’s also worth remembering that these are averages that the CPC is forecasting against, as weather fluctuates constantly on a day-to-day basis.

Use the slider to see both short-term predictions from the CPC

Starting with the short-term first, the week of August 8 looks like it could bring us a variety of weather. The Climate Prediction Center has portions of the viewing area under a slightly above and slightly below moisture outlook. This means that depending on which side of Southern Colorado you live on, different outlooks may apply to you here.

As for temperatures, a very similar rule appears to be applicable with the short-term forecast. The North half of the viewing area could see slightly below-average temperatures and the southern half of the viewing area could see slightly above-average temperatures.

Use the slider to see the month of August predictions from the CPC

Jumping ahead to their monthly outlook, the newest forecast from the CPC seems to be keeping an eye on above-average moisture for most of the viewing area. Considering it is monsoon season, that may lead one to believe that stronger signals for better moisture flow are setting up here in Southern Colorado.

For temperatures, the month of August looks like it should be right about where it’s supposed to be for this time of year – or near average. A small sliver of the southeastern plains may see slightly above-average temperatures, but for right now, August looks pretty normal temperature-wise.

Use the slider to see the seasonal predictions from the CPC

Wrapping things up with the months of August, September, and October – the CPC appears to generally be favoring near or below-average moisture and above-average temperatures. Keep in mind, this specific forecast product encompasses about 90 days and will take us into portions of Fall.