100% of Colorado experiencing drought


As of the latest drought monitor, released August 6th and updated August 4th, all of Colorado is experiencing some form of drought.

This is a stark contrast to last summer when we had a decent stretch of 100% drought-free conditions. From May 28 through July 16, 2019’s no drought was recorded in Colorado. Now we see that 100% shift to the other end of the spectrum with all of Colorado experiencing drought. The last time this happened was August 6, 2013… that was part of a long stretch of complete drought – over 1 year – that began May 12, 2012 and didn’t end until the August 13, 2013 Drought Monitor update. In the winter of 2018 we came very close but were shy of 100% by about half a percent.

In the latest update S Colorado saw no change to our drought levels. Pay attention to the far N part of Colorado – a small portion, .65%, was drought free. This update brings abnormally dry conditions into the area.

The latest update does not include the heavy rain that parts of S Colorado experienced on Wednesday. That will be factored into the update scheduled to be released August 13th.

The silver lining can be found in the change, or lack of change, to our Extreme drought category. That didn’t increase at all. It stayed the same with 26.64% of the state experiencing Extreme drought, the second highest level.

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