Celebrating the Decades: Anchors challenged to #8in80 trivia to show off Las Vegas knowledge

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LAS VEGAS (KLAS) — With only two months left in 2019 — it’s clear the year 2020 is right around the corner, so 8 News Now wanted to take a look back at the decades that came before. We wanted to relish in how much Las Vegas, especially the Strip and downtown are, has grown and changed through the years, and the best way to do that is by honoring and remembering the past.

8 News NOW Social Media and Marketing Producer Nikki Bowers sat down with the anchors Brian Loftus, Tedd Florendo, Kirsten Joyce, and Denise Valdez to challenge them to a game of “8 In 80.” We did this to see how much they knew about Las Vegas’ history in the 1960s, 1970s, 1980s, and 1990s.

Watch the videos and then check below to see how well each anchor did on the questions.

Brian vs. the 1960s:


Question: On August 10, 1960, what popular movie starring the Rat Pack debuted in theaters?
Answer: Ocean’s 11

Question: In 1963, the man known as “Mr. Las Vegas” performed for the first time at a hotel on the Las Vegas Strip. — Who is the man, and what hotel did he perform at?
Answer: Wayne Newton, The Flamingo

Question: On August 25, 1964, there was a massive fire on the rooftop of a popular hotel. The fire was so bad it caused $1 million in damage. What hotel did this happen at?
Answer: The Sahara

Question: On May 20, 1964, the movie “Viva Las Vegas,” starring Elvis Presley, was released in theaters. Who was his leading lady in that movie?Answer: Ann Margret

Question: On November 27, 1966, this famous billionaire, who was also a former owner of KLAS-TV, moved to Las Vegas. What was his name?Answer: Howard Hughes

Question: In 1967, what famous duo debuted at the Tropicana?Answer: Siegfried & Roy

Question: On December 31, 1967, what famous daredevil crashed after attempting a famous jump at Caesars Palace?
Answer: Evel Knievel

Question: In 1969, legendary Blues singer B.B. King performed for the first time in Las Vegas. What Strip property did he perform at?
Answer: Caesars Palace


Question: Billionaire Howard Hughes left Las Vegas on November 26, 1970. He was Nevada’s largest private employer, casino owner, and property owner. What local TV station did he own?
Answer: KLAS-TV

Question: What city did Las Vegas legend Elvis Presley died in in 1976?Answer: Memphis, Tennessee

Question: In January of 1974, how many inches of snow fell on the Las Vegas valley setting a record?
Answer: 9-inches

Question: In 1979, what flamboyant Las Vegas entertainer nicknamed “Mr. Showmanship” opened a museum that displayed his rare cars and extravagant wardrobe.
Answer: Liberace

Question: In 1977, this Strip property known for holding famous fights in its arena was once called the “World’s Largest hotel.”
Answer: MGM Grand Hotel

Question: On January 14, 1974, this famous legendary lead singer performed her last show with her Motown girl’s group before embarking on a solo career.
Answer: Diana Ross

Question: In 1979, Las Vegas’ first “locals” casino debuted on the Boulder Strip. What is its name?
Answer: Sam’s Town

Question: What year did the Las Vegas Stadium open?
Answer: 1971

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