SOUTHERN COLORADO – Humane Society of the Pikes Peak Region is lending a helping paw to pet parents with their Wellness Waggin’ Mobile Veterinary Clinic.

You’ll find this mobile clinic waggin’ and rollin’ through southern Colorado. It offers pet vaccinations, wellness exams, microchipping, and general vet services for dogs and cats.

“They do it all. It’s really cool. It’s affordable. I come as often as possible when I need to get their shots and stuff. It’s super fast and easy,” said Valerie Trujillo, who was getting her dogs updated on shots.

One thing veterinarians encourage you to get your furry friends protected from is parvovirus disease. The humane society says it’s easy to prevent – but very costly and difficult to treat.

“The vaccine is very affordable, especially with the Wellness Waggin’ and it is extremely good at preventing parvo. This is a virus that definitely can be passed along, especially at the dog park. It’s very, very contagious. And sometimes it’s those really young puppies that are the most susceptible,” Director of Veterinary Services at Humane Society of the Pikes Peak Region Julie Crosby said.

The Humane Society saw several deadly parvo cases last year in both Colorado Springs and Pueblo. Crosby said this is the time of year when cases typically spike due to warmer days and more dogs at parks.

“We definitely want to do all that we can to help as many pets as possible and it’s a strain on our resources to treat parvo cases. It is just such an preventable disease and that’s why we’re really hoping to get more pets protected and healthy,” said Crosby.

According to HSPPR, parvovirus was quite common in the communities they serve in 2020. Their Colorado Springs shelter treated 59 cases of parvo in 2020, while the Pueblo shelter treated 42. But, unfortunately, not all of them were successful. Of the parvo cases HSPPR treated in 2020, 11 were fatal in Colorado Springs and six were fatal in Pueblo.

The hope is this low-cost option will curb cases, keep tails happily wagging and help everyone get access to an affordable vet.

“It means a lot because I have low income. I have five kids as it is. Being able to afford to get my dogs and cats they they need, it means a lot,” said Trujillo.

The Wellness Waggin’ is in Colorado Springs on Wednesday’s and Thursday’s. You can find it in Pueblo Friday’s and Saturday’s. There’s upcoming plans for events in other southern Colorado locations. You can stay up to date with their planned and pop-up events by clicking here. You can also make and cancel appointments through that link.