COLORADO SPRINGS — It might look like an ordinary VW bus, but not for long. Pretty soon a vintage bus rolling around Colorado Springs will be a coffee slinging machine.

Kirsti Logan is transforming a ’74 Volkswagen bus into a mobile coffee shop and calling it Sleepy Turtle Coffee Co.

“The name Sleepy Turtle has always been there. Every piece of the puzzle has been coming together over the past couple of years. And it was just time,” said Logan.

She’s always had the vision, love for coffee, and hospitality experience. Now Logan has the bus to turn her childhood dream into a reality.

“Especially now being in a pandemic, you have to be on your feet. You have to be innovative and creative. And I’ve always wanted to renovate a VW. But since I found this it’s been, I don’t know, perfect,” said Logan.

She’s ready to get rolling on renovations. She plans to install cabinets and espresso machines before getting to work on the outside. Ideas are brewing on how Logan will have people order and pick-up from her mobile coffee shop.

“I wasn’t expecting my bus to be done so soon from the mechanic. So here we are. I’m ready to start the install on the inside and then do some bodywork on the outside,” said Logan.

Logan wants to pull together local businesses and artists, creating not just a coffee shop, but a community connection.

She adds, “A part of sleepy turtle is that it’s not just mine. It’s everyone. It’s the community’s. I want everyone to be a part of it. My huge thing is community. And I just love the community in Colorado Springs. I love how there’s so many people and they just have each other’s backs.”

She’s bringing local roasters and bakers on board, including Blossom Baking, so each cup of coffee you buy from Sleepy Turtle Coffee reaches farther than this bus.

“My roaster is Copperfox Coffee Roasters. And they give a portion of their proceeds to fight human trafficking. And that’s what I’m seriously passionate about,” said Logan.

Logan is calling her bus Kuokoa, which is Hawaiian for freedom.

“When every cup of coffee they buy, they help fight human trafficking,” Logan explained. “So they literally help free people.”

Sleepy Turtle Coffee will be rolling through a neighborhood near you. Logan says she hopes to be up and running this spring. Follow her journey through Facebook or Instagram.