COPPER MOUNTAIN, Colo. — What better way to beat the heat than by adding some summertime snow to your plans? Woodward at Copper Mountain is the only on-snow summer terrain park in Colorado.

It’s open now for a range of classes through August 15th.

The preparation for this summer park starts on Copper Mountain’s closing day of the winter ski season. As soon as the lift chairs stop running, Copper Mountain crews get busy packing snow in to use during the summertime.

“Instead of just letting that snowmelt and run down the mountain, we pile it all into this area, and we keep on riding this snow,” Woodward Copper Senior Manager Adam Kisiel. “At some points in this park, it’s 80 feet deep, and that’s how we’re able to be so consistent with our park.”

So what boarders and skiers get is 365 days of snow on the mountain.

“This is pretty much the greatest place to be during the summer,” said Kisiel.

“It’s really great that we can still come out. It’s a lot different, though,” said Mason Berger, one of the kids snowboarding at Woodward.

Like most things, COVID-19 has changed Woodward’s summer classes this year. They called off the week-long summer camp, which usually brings out 150 kids. Instead, they’re doing day lessons on the terrain park and limiting it to 50 people on the hill per day. 

“They have to stop by our medical tent,” Kisiel explained. “They get their temperature taken, and if they’re all clear, then we bring them up for the day. If they’re coming up for multiple days, then we do that every morning with them. Same with our staff.”

There is one exciting new change. Adults are also welcome this summer. It’s usually just a kids camp with ski/snowboard lessons, but this year, anyone can jump on-board the fun.

“I feel 100% safe. I mean, I’m so thankful. With these times we’re in, just to be able to be on snow, to be able to enhance my health, I mean I couldn’t ask for more right now,” said Willie Padilla, who was taking a lesson on Woodward’s terrain park.

Stress is in short supply at the park. There’s ‘snow’ doubt about it. Everyone is wearing face masks and staying a ski length away from others in keeping up with social distancing guidelines.

“The energy is just great. The kids are having fun. I’m having fun,” Padilla said.

“My favorite part is that I can get out and snowboard more, and you can get a lot of coaching here, and you’ll learn a lot and progress a lot,” Berger added.

The terrain park has features for riders of all levels so anyone can enjoy the snowy, warm-weather playground. In addition to ski and snowboard classes, Woodward at Copper Mountain also offers lessons for skating, BMX, scootering, and more.

Click here to learn more or sign up for a lesson this summer.