PIKES PEAK REGION, Colo. — Ahead of this weekend’s storm, one local group is preparing to help stranded drivers in the Pikes Peak region who may be stuck on the roads. Volunteers with the group collaborate with El Paso County Search and Rescue for the winter storm moving in.

4x4orce is made up of around 1,000 Good Samaritans with high clearance, big tires, and trucks equipped to pretty much get you out of any situation you’re stuck in. It’s a free service to have them come out and help you.

During snowstorms like the one moving in this weekend, 4x4orce members are out driving around looking for fellow neighbors who are stuck or stranded. They help dozens of people get home during any given storm.

The group is also constantly checking Facebook, and they encourage people to reach out to them.

“We help anybody out. If we pull up to an intersection and there’s people that can’t get up the hill,” said Aaron Goodman, with 4x4orce. “I normally carry ice melt in my truck, and we’ll throw ice melt out in front of cars and help them get up if we can’t just pull them up the hill. We pull cars, semi-trucks, anyone who needs it.”

Goodman added everyone with the group comes out fully prepared to get stuck themselves. He adds having tires with good tread is essential but members also carry additional things for traction.

“We’ve got the tires, the chains for our vehicles. We’re kind of trained in doing this. And it’s what we live for. We just like helping people out. And since we have the equipment and the 4×4 trucks to help people, we’re doing too,” said Goodman. “Sometimes we get stuck ourselves and have to have our crew members come help us.”