Care and Share Food Bank feeds southern Colorado communities

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COLORADO – The need for access to food continues to be a problem for families across southern Colorado during the pandemic. Care and Share Food Bank is helping fill the gap by feeding thousands of families.

Care and Share is helping put food on the table for more people and families than ever before. The organization said many people they’re helping have never needed food assistance before COVID-19 and now they’re in need of a helping hand, especially during the holiday season.

“They’ve just been a huge support in my life,” said Tammy Walker, a Care and Share recipient. 

Walker is one of thousands in southern Colorado counting on Care and Share Food Bank.

“Every time I needed them they turned around and helped me. They have gone from feeding us food, to holiday dinners, to giving my son a computer for Christmas,” said Walker. “About three years ago, unfortunately, I was in a horrible tragedy and I wasn’t able to work. And so I started with Care and Share. And, of course, with the whole COVID going on, it’s been extremely tough. I’m right now unemployed.” 

Organizers said the need for food is even greater during this pandemic. Care and Share is one of the largest non-profits in Colorado, giving food to 170,000 people across southern Colorado every year.

“Last year we distributed about 22 million pounds of food. We get food to organizations like food pantries, soup kitchens, emergency shelters, schools, senior centers,” said CEO of Care and Share Food Bank Lynne Telford. “We distribute food throughout the 31 counties of southern Colorado.”

“We’re here to pick up some food for our family,” said Theodore Young, a Care and Share recipient. “I was laid off at the beginning of coronavirus. We could have been on the streets really that’s how close we were. It had a big impact on our family.”

During a year that has brought so many challenges, this Colorado organization is making an impact for many people. They’re sharing food and spreading smiles to people who need it most.

“I’m a school bus driver and I’m here to help my immediate group at home. I have an elderly mother, she’s in poor health and then my spouse, he’s a veteran,” said Lorie Acosta, a Care and Share recipient.  “Just the uncertainty of it all. And I appreciate this really. This is really nice.”

“I’m really grateful, you know, God has been taking care of us through this whole time,” said Young.

“They’re just amazing. And someday I hope to be able to give back to them,” said Walker.

Care and Share hosts mobile food pantries across southern Colorado. They also offer summer feeding programs for children, teach classes where you can learn to cook nutritious meals on a budget, and so much more.

“We also have some programs to help people like cooking matters where we teach people to cook low-cost nutritious food. Another way we help is to get people signed up for SNAP, that’s food stamps. Food stamps actually feed about nine times as many people as food banks can,” said Telford.

If you need access to food or just want to help this organization’s mission to leave no one hungry, click here for more information.

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