SOUTHERN COLORADO – While some kids are thinking about their holiday wishes, one southern Colorado second grader is busy picking out her favorite snacks to give back.

Foe seven-year-old Amelia, helping people is just that simple. If you ask her, fun means finding a way to give back.

“I really want to be nice and help people. It’s super, super fun,” said Amelia. “I’m getting people food in my community and I’m going to give it away to the food bank.”

It started with a school project where students were asked to pick a cause close to them.

“She’s a second grader and her passion project was doing a food drive. So she made a video asking neighbors, family and friends for the help,” said Lacey Anderson, Amelia’s mom.

“And then we got food donations and cash donations to go to the store,” said Amelia

She even put in the extra time going to store and picking all her favorite foods and snacks to donate.

“First, I picked this macaroni and cheese, my favorite. Next, we got Cap’n Crunch,” said Amelia. “I got a lot of peanut butter and we got beans.”

Amelia’s donations are for the Care and Share Food Bank of Southern Colorado.

“We’ve just been ecstatic and blown away by the amount of support and donations we’ve gotten from everybody. She got $165 and a ton of other groceries,” said Anderson.

“Everyday our distribution centers are sending out food to agencies and people in need,” said Lynne Telford, CEO of Care and Share Southern Colorado. “Many people, at some times of the lives, will find themselves in need. We’re there to support them through those times.”

Amelia is doing her part to give back to her community, hoping her passion project keeps paying it forward.

“I’m extremely proud of her. She has a big heart,” said Anderson.