PUEBLO COUNTY, Colo. — A total of five fatal drownings took place at Lake Pueblo last year and with temperatures rising, the Pueblo County Sheriff’s Office volunteer dive team is getting ready for a busy summer.

Less than 12 people makeup, the volunteer dive team. It’s a group made up of people who balance full-time jobs like teachers, administrators all coming together tasked with rescue and recovery.

“Most of us have full-time job and if you can get away from work to go and just save someone is hard,” volunteer Jorge Medina said.

Medina has formed part of this volunteer team for the past two years; a time where an alarming number of drownings took place in Lake Pueblo.

Last year, crews recovered the bodies of two swimmers both military personnel at Fort Carson, and responded to a total of five fatal drownings. The volunteer dive team deploys throughout southern Colorado and has logged nearly two thousand hours of volunteer service within the past five years.

“I like to go training and don’t like to be busy and that means everyone is safe. One of the things drill on people,” Medina said.

The dive team is part of the PSCO’s Posse and has conducted over 40 calls for service involving over 100 hours of dive time, and 200 hours preparing for the dive calls for service and conducted another 1,650 hours of training and equipment maintenance to ensure their readiness for the next dive call for service.