Local 3-year-old receives second-degree burns at local park


Local parents of a 3-year-old boy are warning others after their son received second-degree burns at a popular park in town.

“I would hate to see another child go through such a painful experience that could have been prevented with proper awareness and signage,” his mom, who wants to remain anonymous said.

Mom posted to Facebook: “I couldn’t believe how bad the burn is and how it made it through the swim diaper, I looked at the inside of his diaper and noticed it was charred from the heat. I have never seen or heard of anything like this happening. My guess is the heat and hot equipment mixed with the chemical on the inside of the diaper heated up and burned his bottom severely. We had to go to the emergency room.

Mom told FOX21 that she reported it to Colorado Springs Parks and Recreation.

“I did receive a call from the mother. I returned the call and offered our apologies that it happened and told her to contact us and emphasized be careful out there,” Kurt Schroeder, the Park Maintenance and Operations Manager said.

Schroeder said that they’ve never received a complaint of someone getting a burn from the equipment at this park prior to this call.

He said they get the equipment from a manufacturer, have them install it and then keep the maintenance on it from there.

Mom said she would like for there to be more signage about the park.

“After the severity of my sons burns, I would strongly advice that the park put a sign up cautioning parents that the playground area is for dry clothes only, and to check equipment for high temperatures before using,” Mom said.

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