When it comes to feeling your best, Cratos Health has you covered. Even something as simple as smooth skin can make all the difference in how you feel. So, listen up!

Time is ticking before Cratos Health’s $77 Laser Hair Removal Special ends for our Loving Living Local viewers. The deal is part of Cratos Health’s 7th anniversary and includes one session of Laser Hair Removal on a small area for $77, which is 50% off of the regular price.

Give Cratos a call now at (719) 487-7777 or head to their website www.cratoshealth.com

Benefits of Laser Hair Removal
• Silky smooth skin – no razor stubble or sandpaper feeling
• Save time – time is money. Eliminate “I forgot to shave”
• Save money – No more expensive razors, shaving cream, lotions
• Eliminate ingrown hairs – unsightly, irritating
• Eliminate razor burn – no more bumps, rashes
• Eliminate razor cuts