COLORADO SPRINGS — We’re all keeping a close eye on prices at the pump as the numbers continue to climb.

Here’s where you can find the cheapest gas in Colorado Springs (regular):

1101 N Circle Drive

Diamond Shamrock
11769 US-24

Sam’s Club
1850 E Woodmen Rd

North Circle Gas Stop
1233 N Circle

Circle K
1190 W Baptist Rd

“Unfortunately, we can say with certainty that more price hikes are on the way – and Coloradans may soon begin to see record high prices at every fill up,” said Skyler McKinley, regional director of public affairs for AAA. “Chalk it up to the extraordinary times we’ve been living through. The pandemic fundamentally tightened the global crude oil market. Set against that backdrop, Russia’s invasion of Ukraine has severely limited Russia’s ability to sell its oil globally, further straining supply.”

$3.75 marks the price point, per AAA survey data , where a majority of Coloradans (64%) adjust their driving habits – either by driving less often, driving shorter distances, combining trips, driving slower speeds to conserve fuel, and more.