What better time to feel your best than a new year? Not only should we strive to feel our best on the inside, but the outside too. That’s what Cratos Health is for!

Right now Cratos has a special offer for our Loving Living Local viewers.
Call now and get one session of Laser Hair Removal on a small area for $77, which is 50% off of the regular price.

Give Cratos a call now at (719) 487-7777 or head to their website www.cratoshealth.com

Benefits of Laser Hair Removal
• Silky smooth skin – no razor stubble or sandpaper feeling
• Save time – time is money. Eliminate “I forgot to shave”
• Save money – No more expensive razors, shaving cream, lotions
• Eliminate ingrown hairs – unsightly, irritating
• Eliminate razor burn – no more bumps, rashes
• Eliminate razor cuts

Why Cratos Health Laser Hair Removal?
• Permanent hair reduction and removal
• 5 treatment guarantee, treatments are free after 5th one.
• Buy individual treatments or whole package
• Most comfortable w/ least amount of discomfort
• One provider who will know what your body needs
• Pricing is 60% off or more vs. similar laser treatments
• No contracts
• Always available for personalized treatments

Myths of Laser Hair Removal
• Myth #1: Treatment makes more hair grow back
• Myth #2: It’s a very painful treatment
• Myth #3: It doesn’t last
• Myth #4: It only takes one treatment
• Myth #5: Can only be done on lighter skin, not with darker complexions
• Myth #6: Laser treatments are like waxing – painful and always have to go back
• Myth #7: All laser devices are the same – ex. IPL vs. True Alex or Yag laser