GREEN MOUNTAIN FALLS, COLO. — After being closed for nearly a year, Catamount Trail is back open for hikers to enjoy!

Catamount Trail was closed in August 2021 due to a dispute wherein the trail encroached on private property. Once the Town had exhausted all possible resolutions to alleviate the trespass, the Historic Green Mountain Falls Foundation, LLC purchased the property.

“We couldn’t be more grateful for the support from the Historic Green Mountain Falls Foundation,” said Todd Dixon, mayor of Green Mountain Falls. “Their thoughtful and innovative ideas continue to protect the back scape of our town and provide open spaces for public recreation.”   

Green Box is thrilled to announce hiking events at its annual summer festival will continue thanks to the support of affiliated partner, the Historic Green Mountain Falls Foundation, LLC. The Board of Trustees for Green Mountain Falls unanimously passed a vote to reopen the trail at their May meeting, which will open early spring 2022.  

The trail leads to beautiful surrounding nature, including waterfalls and access to other hiking destinations such as the Garden of Eden, South Catamount Reservoir, and Thomas Trail.

“It’s safe to say Catamount Trail is the jewel of the Green Mountain Falls hiking system” said Jesse Stroope, chair of the Green Mountain Falls Parks, Recreation, and Trails Committee. “Not only does it provide access to many trails around town, it also gives an economic boost to local businesses and they’ve definitely felt the impact of the trail’s closure.”    

Catamount Trail is integral to keeping the greenspace open and available for all to enjoy, but many might not think of it as a key spot and central hub for fire mitigation efforts, says Liz Eickman, Director of the Kirkpatrick Family Fund which oversees the Historic Green Mountain Falls Foundation, LLC.

“Not only does the purchase of Catamount Trail connect well with our mission to protect open space, parks, trails and historic structures in Green Mountain Falls, but the trail is also a great basecamp for fire mitigation efforts in the area,” said Eickman. “We’ve had the good fortune over the years of successfully partnering with the community, town, trails committee, and others to sustain and protecting the land we own, and we will continue these holistic efforts to review issues such as fire mitigation, safety concerns, and the environmental impact of the trail in perpetuity.”