Write a message to the future with the Space Foundation’s time capsule

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COLORADO SPRINGS, Colo. – The Space Foundation Discovery Center in Colorado Springs is making it possible to send yourself a message to those in the future through their first-ever time capsule.

The time capsule named ‘Lucy’ was created to commemorate NASA’s recent launch of its Lucy spacecraft mission and its time in space.

Jeff Gonyea, the programs manager for the Space Foundation Discovery Center said their time capsule will hold notes and letters until the Lucy mission finishes in 2033.

“NASA’s Lucy mission is a spacecraft that is going to visit asteroids that are in front of or behind Jupiter at their Lagrange points orbiting the sun in the same plane as Jupiter and it’s going to be doing that over the next 12 years,” Gonyea said.

Over the next few weeks, visitors will be able to visit the Space Foundation to write their own letter for the time capsule.

“We are having guests, visitors, families add notes and small mementos into that time capsule to commemorate the time that the Lucy mission is going to take out in space,” Gonyea said.

The Lucy mission launched in October 2021 and is the first of its kind for NASA, visiting parts of space never visited before.

 Lucy’s orbital path. The spacecraft’s path (green) is shown in a frame of reference where Jupiter remains stationary, giving the trajectory its pretzel-like shape. Photo: NASA

“The Lucy spacecraft will start orbiting back and forth between those two swarms of asteroids in Jupiter’s orbit.  Astronomers have figured out that the asteroids that make up the L4 and L5 swarms, the Trojan swarms around Jupiter, are the oldest rocks in the solar system,” Gonyea said.

Gonyea said the asteroid material is from the birth of the solar system nearly 4.5 billion years ago.

“So who knows what we are going to learn about our solar system,” Gonyea said.

The Space Foundation Discovery Center will be taking submissions for the Lucy time capsule until December 19, 2021. To submit yours, visit the center.

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