NATIONWIDE – This year’s theme for World Mental Health Day is “Mental Health in an Unequal World” on Sunday, Oct. 10.

Thirty-six percent of Americans are more depressed by the state of the world because of the public health, racial, social, and political events of this past year.

Dr. Ryan Drzewiecki, PsyD, LP, Director of Clinical Operations at All Points North (APN) Lodge shared the following tips with us:

  1. Participate and be involved – maintaining your own individual mental health involves balancing a lot of different areas and can be a daunting task. Taking steps to be involved and active in addressing issues and inequities in the world is an important element for long-term wellness, and fosters a sense of responsibility and mastery.
  2. Recognize what you can and cannot control – as important as it can be for your mental health to participate and be involved, it is also essential to constantly check your expectations and make sure to remain in balance. Make it a habit to step back and take a look at your own balance of self-care and recognize where you are over-committed.
  3. Stay connected – in an unequal world, it can be easy to get overwhelmed by the perceived scope of the issues that lead to inequity, and you can easily start to feel alone and helpless. It is important to be connected to others with a like-minded attitude in order to feel the support and care. Find your “tribe” and build relationships with like-minded people, and also develop your relationships with others who may have different ideas but can still serve as great supports.
  4. Stay open – staying connected is crucial but remaining open to other viewpoints and understanding the perspective of others is a critical skill. It is easier than ever to find yourself in an echo chamber, and even when your cause is just, when outside information is filtered it can lead to a lot of frustration. As difficult as it can be, endeavor to understand those whose ideas are contrary to your own and consider their different priorities.
  5. Think outside of the box – recognize when you’re spinning your wheels and challenge yourself to find new and different ways to perceive your challenges and arrive at solutions. Invite feedback from others, who are much more able to see where you’re stuck and help you to rise above.

APN Lodge is a behavioral health and wellness provider that specializes in mental health, trauma, and addiction treatment.