COLORADO SPRINGS — People in Colorado Springs got the chance to work out with a U.S. Olympian on Monday.

The United States Olympic and Paralympic Museum hosting an exercise session with Paralympic Skier Tyler Carter. If you missed the workout Monday, don’t worry, he plans to hold more workouts in the coming weeks.

“Look I have some pretty intense workouts that I do to get ready for the Paralympics,” Carter explained. “Right now, it’s just to get people to the museum and having fun outside and showing them a few things and athlete might do to prepare for the games.”

Carter is a 2-time Paralympian alpine skier and team member at the museum.

“Sometimes I have to shorten the range of motion I do just to make sure I’m getting what I do need and not overdoing it,” Carter said. “But honestly, just small minor things, but for the most part I’m out there just like everyone else doing what I can, having fun, and trying to push myself to the limits.”

Carter adds that the workouts are for all skill levels! The morning workouts are free and are from 11 a.m. until noon. They will be every Monday until August 2.

“People may feel that the Olympics are so far removed, that they’re so far removed from them because you know, these are amazing athletes that spend so much time training and they go to the Olympics and there are medals,” Carter added.

Stephanie Allen is a tourist visiting from Indiana and planned her trip so that her four kids could meet an Olympian. She thought the idea of working out with an athlete was so great when the Olympics is just around the corner.

“So to be able to actually meet them and ask them questions and hear their stories, it makes it real. It makes it tangible. It makes it very close to home,” Allen added. “We’re only here for a couple of days, but we scheduled our day to come here because we saw that both Tyler and Dartanyon were going to be here and they would be able to meet some real heroes.”

Dartanyon Crockett is a 2-time Paralympic bronze medalist in the sport of Judo. He competed in London and Rio.

“Definitely a cool experience to be able to be at the Olympic and Paralympic Museum with athletes,” Crocket explained. Not only that but to meet them and do an exercise with them.”