WOODLAND PARK, Colo. — The Woodland Park Walgreens pharmacy reopened Wednesday after an abrupt closure on Tuesday left many customers unable to pick up their prescriptions.

A representative from Walgreens’ corporate team told FOX21 News the pharmacy had to close for at least three days recently due to staffing shortages.

But customers say not only could they not fill their prescriptions in Woodland Park for several days, but they also were not able to fil them elsewhere.

“A lot of the people we see go through there are elderly and people who belong to our church. And so, if you’re on a regular regiment on needing medications to maintain your health and now when you show up and have no way to get that, what’s your next step,” Kirk Tolliver said.

When FOX21 asked corporate what people should do in the meantime, they said to go to another nearby Walgreens location to get their prescriptions filled.

Tolliver tried calling other Walgreen pharmacies in Colorado Spring,s but was told they can’t transfer the prescription until the Woodland Park pharmacist signs off on it.

“We’ve tried to talk with her doctor and trying to see if he could cancel the prescription or get it transferred to another one, but right now we don’t have any answers,” Tolliver said.

Employees at Walgreens in Woodland Park said they hope the pharmacy would reopen on Friday at the earliest. Their manager was trying to see if they could get employees from a nearby Walgreens in Colorado Springs to help reopen.

“We apologize for any inconvenience to our customers and patients, as we have adjusted pharmacy hours in a limited number of stores where there is need to accommodate current staffing needs all while ensuring minimal disruption to our customers.

When this is necessary, our team members work with patients to reschedule any impacted vaccination appointments at our stores as quickly as possible. What we are seeing currently is consistent with what many other healthcare entities have been experiencing, with greater demand for COVID-related services and staffing challenges due to the ongoing labor shortage. Happy holidays and thanks for your patience.”

Walgreens Corporate