Woodland Park city council member resigns in Facebook post, addresses opponents

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WOODLAND PARK, Colo. — Council member Jim Pfaff announced his resignation from the Woodland Park City Council on Friday via facebook video. He cites a busy schedule with his private businesses as the reason for his leave. Pfaff served on the council for amost three years.

“I’ve been working in politics for 30 years… in both at an elective and non elective level. So every challenge I’ve had, is something I’ve dealt with in various different ways through the years,” Pfaff said. “But just over the last four to five months the need to get this business moving forward has become more and more overwhelming.”

Pfaff says he didn’t think he could put in enough time to serve well as a councilman.

Pfaff believes the current city council members are capable of moving some issues forward. When asked if he is confident in the current city council to lead Woodland Park, he said this:

“I hope so. One of the things that had been discussed by my political opponents… they tried to make the case that there’s a big [divide] on council and that it’s been a disaster. There hasn’t. We have actually been by-and-large pretty unanimous. There’s some differences in opinion but I’d say well over 90 percent of the time, we’re voting together,” Pfaff said.

In the first part of his resignation video, Pfaff calls out several community members for attacking him during his time on the council. He says he kept quiet during his service because he didn’t see the need to respond.

“To be candid, as I’m pulling away from this, I wanted to make sure people knew exactly what they were about. Tony Perry in particular specifically lied in an op-ed in the Mountain Jackpot saying I was going around terrorizing city employees. There is only one city employee that I challenged vigorously. And that’s the former city manager who recently left,” said Pfaff. He says he’s supported the current city manager.

He also addressed the “Recall Pfaff” website accusing Pfaff of several issues during his time on the council.

“They were either twisting the real story or making accusations that don’t even apply to me. They said for months now that they were going to recall me. They’ve never pulled petitions…. and have never been able to muster support for the recall effort,” Pfaff said.

Pfaff remembers the late Woodland Park Mayor Val Carr who passed away earlier this year to COVID-19, saying they were close friends and political allies.

“That’s a hard loss…… I was looking forward to working with him….. and sadly we lost him,” said Pfaff.

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