COLORADO SPRINGS — Colorado Parks and Wildlife (CPW) has taken numerous calls over the last month about deer fawns, and they want everyone to know what to do, and when to contact rangers.

CPW hosted a discussion on Twitter about the kind of behavior they like to see when it comes to wildlife. It began with a comparison of what CPW said they love to see, and what they never want to see.

CPW said deer fawns being brought inside homes is something they want to vehemently discourage.

“We want to share the same message we tell anyone who calls about a deer fawn: Please leave them alone and absolutely never try to pick them up or take them anywhere, especially your house,” CPW said.

CPW said fawns spotted by themselves are likely not abandoned or injured. Their instinct is to “bed down” during the day, and the doe will go off in her own pursuit of food. The doe will also leave the area of her bedded down fawn in order to keep predators away.

Want to know how you can help young wildlife? Here are some tips from CPW:

  • Do not approach, touch or feed wild animals.
  • Enjoy wildlife from a safe distance.
  • Keep your dog on a leash on trails.
  • If you find a wild animal that appears sick or injured, leave it alone and call your local CPW office.

Wild animals in distress are best left in the care of professionals, who have the resources and the education to identify their needs and respond accordingly.