PUEBLO, Colo. — City leaders in Pueblo have released the map for a possible entertainment district that city council approved last year.

In a proposed ordinance released by city council, the map delineates common areas where patrons of bars and restaurants would be allowed to leave with their alcoholic beverages and continue to enjoy them in a public space.

Courtesy Pueblo City Council

While the entertainment district could greatly benefit area establishments, there are other factors that city council will have to take into account when approving a map like this.

“It drives people down to this area when you have events like that,” said Duane Nava, President/CEO of the Pueblo Chamber of Commerce. “But I’ve heard from other businesses that it impacts their business negatively because of the parking situation down here. We have got to make sure that we are talking to all of our business owners down here in this downtown area and making sure that… by benefitting one, we’re not impacting another in a negative way.”

The map has yet to be approved by city council, and if the map is not approved, the entertainment district would not be allowed in the city. Council plans to vote on the map on Monday, April 11.

You can view the entire ordinance below.