(WESTCLIFFE, Colo.) — A woman in Westcliffe sent FOX21 News a video of a mountain lion on her porch in Westcliffe after she said at first, she thought the large cat was a dog.

Westcliffe is southwest of Pueblo, and the woman said she was working inside her home on Friday, Jan. 20, when she saw what she thought was a dog, wander onto the front porch. As Beth Bigman got closer, she quickly realized the figure was in fact, a mountain lion.

The mountain lion stayed on the porch for about a minute before wandering off into the woods, Bigman said.

According to the Colorado Parks and Wildlife (CPW) website, if you encounter a mountain lion, you should not approach it, rather stay calm and talk firmly to it, move away slowly, facing the lion and stand upright, and do all you can to appear larger, throw stones if the lion behaves aggressively, and fight back, in the case a lion attacks you.

According to CPW, “People rarely get more than a brief glimpse of a mountain lion in the wild. Lion attacks on people are rare, with fewer than a dozen fatalities in North America in more than 100 years.”

To report a mountain lion sighting, contact your CPW jurisdiction, which can be found in the link above.