WESTCLIFFE, Colo. — A composer in Westcliffe is currently creating a piece of classical music for all 50 states.

Marcia Stockton said it all started after a fellow artist laid down the challenge.  

“he said why don’t you write a piece for every state and I thought ‘wow that’s a pretty big challenge,'” said Stockton.

Stockton has already completed six pieces featuring states like California, South Dakota, New York, and of course Colorado. 

“Colorado is such a beautiful state, it just has a really important place in my heart and made me think of writing this nostalgic type music,” Stockton explained.

 Stockton hopes that her music can bring people together in a time when so many Americans are divided.  

“I’ve seen different political approaches tried and none of these approaches work based on a political affiliation has worked very well,” Stockton added. “I thought we need something new and different. Music brings people together and instead of a revolution let’s have a renaissance.” 

Stockton hasn’t picked which state will compose a piece about next, but she has a couple of ideas. 

“I’m writing something of a James Bond Spy Theme for Virginia,” said Stockon. “I’ve got a piece called southern lights which I could arrange for Alaska.”  

All of her pieces are available to listen to on her YouTube channel.