DIVIDE, Colo. (KXRM) — A sow was spotted outside a home in Divide on Thursday morning, before it climbed a tree to be with its cub.

“Welcome to Fall in our front yard in Divide! Mama bear is going to get her cub that’s also in our tree,” shared Mandy Campbell.

Campbell shared with FOX21 that her son, Link Bryden, recorded the video on Sept. 22 at around 7 a.m. and captured the sow walk across their front yard. The bear then climbed a tree in their front yard to be with its cub.

“The Bears broke every single one of my bird and squirrel feeders and now the cub just went higher up in the tree…oh boy,” said Campbell.

Sow keeps watch while cub sleeps in tree outside Divide home.
Courtesy: Mandy Campbell