(OURAY, Colo.) — “If a bear can fit, it will feast,” Colorado Parks and Wildlife’s Southwest Region (CPW SW Region) warned on Wednesday, Aug. 2, after a large bear was seen crawling out of a dumpster where it had been eating.

According to CPW SW Region, its officers were in a vehicle when the video was taken on Monday, July 24 in Ouray, Colorado.

“Bears are highly motivated to get around or through obstructions to get into the trash and other food sources,” said CPW. To avoid situations like this, CPW recommends securing food sources with bear-resistant and bear-proof enclosures and containers.

Learn more about bearproofing your home or business, here.

Officers described the lasers seen in the video as coming from a taser, which can serve as a hazing tool for wildlife. “Once out of the dumpster, [the bear] was hazed away from the public area and left unharmed,” said CPW SW Region.

The large bear is also seen with an ear tag, which officers said was the case because it was part of a previous CPW hazing study.