Dr. Moma spokesperson discusses CDPHE allegations of mishandling of vaccines, many questions unanswered

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COLORADO SPRINGS — The clinic behind a vaccine distribution mishap is speaking out after nearly 4,000 people are being asked to get revaccinated by the Colorado Department of Public Health and Environment (CDPHE).

A spokesperson for Sylvienash Moma, DNP held a brief press conference on Monday at 3 p.m. She said a “larger press conference” will follow in the weeks to come after the state has completed its investigation.

The state has not yet released any details of that process, but in an email to FOX21, did confirm it took possession of 3,150 Pfizer and Moderna doses from Dr. Moma’s Health and Wellness clinic. Of the confiscated doses, the state health department confirmed all had to be discarded. They said proper handling and temperatures had not been maintained.

At that point, Moma had already administered 3,933 vaccines.

In Colorado, DNPs are allowed to prescribe, diagnose, and treat patients without physician oversight. It is also correct to refer to DNPs as “doctors.”

CDPHE says it verified medical licenses with the Department of Regulatory Agencies (DORA) prior to approving providers for the COVID-19 Vaccination Program.


“We sympathize with everyone directly or indirectly impacted by this situation. It is our absolute duty to lessen pain whenever we can,” Elizabeth Higgins, active spokesperson said.

Dr. Moma Health and Wellness Clinic was shut down by CDPHE on April 9, 2021, from providing COVID-19 vaccines due to improper storage and handling. The mishap forced thousands to get revaccinated.

Moma caught the virus herself, one of the reasons why she became a provider for the vaccine on January 23.

“We are working with the state and every agency involved to make sure that we rectify all the allegations and concerns that have been raised so we are doing our due diligence,” Moma said. “The community where I live, we have about, almost 200 residents here so we started the vaccines and they were one of the first people that we vaccinated.”

She claims in a statement made online the state didn’t check out the clinic prior to the approval of becoming a vaccination clinic and didn’t request to see storage or temperature logs.

…. From the press, they noted concerns of “improper cold storage in the vaccine draw room.”

The storage mentioned above is not a cold storage but rather a medicine cabinet to store our in-house medicines. The vaccines were never stored inside of it. It’s fair to say they assumed that was where I was storing the vaccines.

Essentially, if storage and handling was a public health concern during their unannounced visit, why didn’t they shut down the clinic right away? I received a phone call to shut down the clinic almost an hour after they left the building. How come these concerns were not raised and verify during their visit? Why didn’t they ask the state nurses who were drawing up the vaccines how long they had the vaccines out? If approximately 150 combine vaccines were found prefilled, and we were administering about 100-150 people an hour? Will that increase or decrease the probability of risking viability?

At the time of shut down, we had administered over 700 people in the 3.5 hours. We were open for 3.5 hours prior to shut down. On that day, everyone was in and out in less than 20mins.

 Why didn’t they addressed the labeling issue if/when they saw it? The vaccine vials come label; each preparing room only had one lot number. If that was an issue, why didn’t they address the state staff preparing the vaccines?

95% of the staff working from administration, preparation, to vaccinating were state appointmented staffs, not my in house staffs!  

I took an oath to serve lives not destroy them. 20 state staffs will significantly decrease any probability to intentionally not follow guidelines or protocols.

My heart reaches out to all those that are directly impacted. Your concerns and frustrations are valid.

We will provide all details/facts regarding all the allegations during the press conference.

Again, we are deeply sorry and offer our sincere apologies.

“Right now, you follow CDC guidelines and the recommendations that have been made,” Moma said before being whisked away by her spokesperson. “And we are done, we have to go inside, we have clients coming in, we appreciate everyone coming.”

They plan on having a second press conference, as to when that will be is not known. Moma and her spokesperson said they will answer all questions then.

FOX21 News will keep you updated on this developing story.

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