Walmart’s latest robot is helping employees complete inventory

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COLORADO SPRINGS — Walmart has a new Bossa Nova robot that is scanning the aisles and helping employees complete inventory.

Nicknamed “Bob,” the latest robot has sensors and cameras that scan the shelves and tells employees how much is currently in stock. Employees then re-stock items as needed.

“It runs multiple times throughout the day, as long as there’s no issues or obstacles in its way. People run into it, but it won’t run into anyone,” explained Co-Manager Heather Fryar.

Walmart says the robot will not be taking away jobs from humans. It will simply allow employees to spend more time focusing on the customers.

“It lightens up our job duties to get more people into the floor and have that one-on-one customer interaction. There will always be people, we just make our job a little bit easier with technology,” Heather explained.

Bossa Nova robots are currently operating at a few stores in Colorado Springs and hope to add more to other locations in the future.

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