CHAFFEE COUNTY, Colo. — Over the past several days, the brother of a missing woman, Suzanne Morphew has searched thousands of miles for his sister. The private search led by Andrew Moorman with hundreds of volunteers concluded Tuesday.

Morphew was reported missing on May 10 – Mother’s Day, after not returning home from a solo-bike ride.

As reported previously, the law enforcement team responded to collect several pieces of possible evidence found by the searchers across the county from September 24-29, and Chaffee County Sheriff John Spezze said they will continue to follow-up to determine if there is any connection to Suzanne’s disappearance.

Also this week, members of the law enforcement task force responded to the report of human remains trained dogs “alerting” on three separate properties in Chaffee County. To clarify, none of these properties are owned by members of the Morphew family.

One of the locations investigated by the task force was along the Arkansas River in the county. The dog handler used on that private property was interviewed by the Chaffee County Sheriff’s Office and explained that the dogs did not “alert” to anything on the property but did show interest. Chaffee County Sheriff’s Office said their team obtained consent from the property owner, and after further investigation, including working with the private human remains dogs on the property, it was determined this was not a viable lead in this case.

A second property near the Morphew home was also investigated after the same dog team alerted to an area on that private property. Chaffee County Sheriff’s Office said their investigators immediately upon being notified, secured the scene and provided around the clock security until investigators from the Chaffee County Sheriff’s office, FBI and CBI arrived. According to the Chaffee County Sheriff, this location of interest on the private property, with the consent of the property owner, was investigated extensively by members of the task force and found to have no evidentiary significance to the case.

A third location was also identified in unincorporated Chaffee County near Salida on private property where a different pair of human remains dogs alerted, according to Chaffee County Sheriff’s Office. Also, once alerted, investigators said they responded immediately and secured the property providing security around the clock. Tuesday morning Chaffee County investigators along with the FBI and CBI, and with consent of the property owner, excavated this location, and nothing of evidentiary value to the Suzanne Morphew case was located.

The Suzanne Morphew Missing Person Investigative Task Force say they remain dedicated to determining what happened to Suzanne.

“The level of commitment from the entire team from the Chaffee County Sheriff’s Office, CBI and FBI investigators is unprecedented and unparalleled,” said Sheriff John Spezze. “While the public may not see all of the effort being put forth in this case, I can assure the community that this investigation continues to move forward.”  

 The Chaffee County Sheriff’s Office is dedicated to assigning financial and staffing resources to this case, as leads continue to be extensively followed up on by investigators.

“The investigative task force remains resolved in their commitment to finding Suzanne, and our hearts go out to her family and friends,” said Sheriff Spezze.

Anyone with information that could assist law enforcement in locating Suzanne Morphew is encouraged to call 719-312-7530.

Suzanne Morphew missing person Investigative Task Force Recap since May 10:

  • 1,123 Total tips called to the designated tip line (includes hang-ups and duplicates)
  • 180 Interviews conducted in Colorado, Indiana and other locations. This number does not take into account the hundreds of other contacts made between investigators and individuals as part of this case since May
  • 130+ Searches conducted (including warrants, which remained sealed at this time)
  • 4,000+ Hours spent by Task Force investigators on the case.