Vietnam veteran plays taps at Veteran’s bridge to honor the fallen

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COLORADO SPRINGS — As the pandemic changed in-person plans for the Memorial Day ceremony in Pueblo, one man kept the tradition alive – while maintaining social distancing.

Walter Bedlien, a Vietnam veteran, has participated in the ceremony since 2001.

Bedlien served in the U.S. Navy for 22 years. For the last 19 years, he’s brought his 100 flags to the Pueblo Riverwalk and lined the flags on the Veterans’ bridge to honor the fallen.

This year – he knew he needed to continue the tradition.

FOX21 spotted Bedlien on the bridge just before he was set to play taps on the bugle, another tradition of the ceremony, which went virtual this year.

A few people stopped to watch the moment, pausing to salute those who have given their lives in the service.

“I do it every year. It’s my way of showing my honor of the veterans that have passed and are still serving. The greatest sacrifice is that a lot of our men and women have made, defending our country, ya know, that’s what today is all about,” said Bedlien.

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